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Personal Training

We have several certified personal trainers who can offer motivation and a personalised approach to your training. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength and toning, or maybe training for a specific sport, contact our trainers to find out how they can help you.

Paul Green

Paul can help you to achieve any goal, from weight-loss to sport specific. As a trained sports therapist, Paul can also help with muscle niggles and injuries as well as injury prevention.
Contact him on 07890 742566 or at www.thezonetraining.com

Lauren Harding

Lauren is a great personal trainer and a qualified Cross Fit coach. She can work with you on everything from general strength and fitness, to high intensity intervals or olympic lifting. Train with her to work hard and really feel the difference.
Contact her on 07375 129346 or at Riverside reception.

Kate Howe

Kate’s PT sessions are interesting and varied, getting you moving in new ways for maximum results; you will get fitter, stronger, more toned and flexible, and you’ll learn to use your body better. She can also help you to manage lower back pain, obesity and diabetes.
Contact her on 07799 834014 or at www.howedynamic.co.uk

Laverne Richardson

Laverne can help you to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She works with people of all levels of fitness, including seniors and pre/post natal, and specialises in exercise for people living with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer.
Contact her on 07502 278343 or at Riverside reception.

Matt Searle

Matt is committed to making personal training an enjoyable experience, while proving that living the fitness lifestyle certainly will be. Matt can also provide hypnotherapy for everything from weight-loss to giving up smoking.
Contact Matt on 07917 726610 or at www.mattmytrainer.com

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